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Description: Play by mail management game running since 1993. Manage your own fictitious team and win real top quality trophies and medals. Pay to play. UK based.
Announcement: Summit PBM the football soccer PBM Play By Mail Game Welcome to Summit Soccer - the home of play by mail Ever fancied running your very own football club? Now you can experience the thrills and disappointments of doing just that with Summit Soccer - the play by mail football management game. We've been running our game for over 11 years now so we know what we're doing and you can be sure of a quality product that will have you hooked in no time at all. There are NO real players and NO real teams - this isn't 'Fantasy Football'. This is a hands on management game where YOU make all the decisions that affect your club, regardless of what happens in real life!
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Page title:Summit PBM the football soccer PBM Play By Mail Game
Keywords:Summit Soccer PBM, soccer, football, play by mail, management game
Description:Summit Soccer, the long running football / soccer play by mail management game