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A Look Through The Void via Alan Watts

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Description: Essay which looks at Alan Watts, his life and teachings. Examines topics like Ego, Balance, Compassion, and Science.
A look through the void via Alan Watts Do not expect finished product. This is only the first blanking that follows a new reincarnation of ideas. Something is missing. It's everywhere and it's missing. In the desire to escape the unbearable compression of the blockage at the heart of consumptive culture, those attempting to escape are leaving something out. Or rather taking something with them-something that twists them even more tightly into the maddening enantiodromic circles of the spectacle which they most urgently desire to avoid. "The" counterculture becomes just more of the same. Always it's stasis > rebellion > assimilation > more conformity > stasis. Yet the OOO has found a source of information that breaks vicious circles by using nothing less then things involved in their creation, namely words and self-consciousness. We don't like the dimming of intelligence involved in creating hero figures, but in this essay we are concerned with creating a sounding board that resonates to ideas in the here and now, not in the past. Our source of words is to be found in the writings of a supposedly "60s" supposedly "guru" called Alan Watts. In order to learn the rules on which many of the subsequent developments of the counterculture are implicitly or explicitly based, we have found no better writer. After reading certain of Watts' books, concepts that are lazily taken for granted in countercultures leap into clarity. And some ideas that seemed good become as dross when awareness shines on them.
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