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Youth at the Millennium

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Description: A dialogue between youth and elders on subjects such as green economics, democracy, peace, and spirituality. (May 08, 2003)
An Inter-generational Dialogue on Global Issues All world citizens, young and old, are invited to submit their thoughts on everything from globalization to peace. Write something new or respond to others!
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Page title:G21 presents: World Symposium
Keywords:Yasushi Akashi, Gandhi, Arun Gandhi, Sunanda, Satish Kumar, Johan Galtung, Johann Galtung, Mushakouji, Japan, Russia, Helena Norberg Hodge, Adam Wolpert, Nandini Iyer, Edith Hanson, g21, G21, Ritsumeikan University, Peace Museum, Wolfgang Sachs, Globalisation, Ecology, youth, millenium, millennium, war, peace, future, discrimination, human rights, poverty, third world, north/south, environment, pollution, non-violence, polution, nuclear power, religion, jain, India
Description:G21 and the Kyoto Museum for World Peace presented a conference at Ritsumeikan University Museum for World Peace in November, 1999. Read our archives and contribute to our on-line debate!