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Brethren History and Genealogy

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Description: Describes printed, manuscript, and web resources for members of the "Church of the Brethren."
Brethren History & Genealogy Brethren Genealogy & History Welcome to the Brethren Network of genealogical and historical resources. Perhaps you are like many people who discovered Brethren roots in their lineage and want to learn more about themselves by getting to know the Brethren. Hopefully, our records and links will offer you a place to start. Peruse our lists, individual contributions, or surf to other Brethren related web sites. You may just find that long lost ancestral link in your family tree. Researching genealogical roots can be an exhilarating experience. Gazing at old photographs may bring us more closely to ourselves, as we look into the eyes of our ancestors. Questions leap from these pictures. “What were their dreams? What joys or sorrows rest behind those emotionless faces? If they could speak, what advice would they impart? How did they perceive the world around them? Did they accomplish their life pursuits? Did they marry their first sweetheart? How did they die? Can we ever really know what life was like for them?” Searching through old records and listening to family stories may give us some answers. An old steamer trunk might open a momentary window through which we might see both them and ourselves more clearly. Silent voices of our kin speak to us across the years, extending an invitation to join them in the dreamland of history, where they grant us a treasure of opportunities to learn about their experiences, loves, skills, and preferences. Join us now for a walk down memory lane, where you may discover an extension of your own life, uncover answers to family questions, locate a friend, and perhaps, grow more appreciative of the quality and brevity of life itself. Far beyond the vail of eternity, our ancestors continue to witness of their lives and inspire us to learn from them. May you be encouraged through the following resources to search for and hopefully discover missing links and untold stories, that will encourage and guide you on your own life journey.
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Page title:Brethren History & Genealogy
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Description:We are an ecumenical, evangelical Christian denomination with local churches in most of the fifty states. Stemming from the pietist and anabaptist movement of the eighteenth century, we remain one of the three historic peace churches, and recognize no creed other than the careful study of the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament.


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