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Description: An FAQ for the Usenet group rec.heraldry.
Archive-name: heraldry/faq Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 2000/01/25 URL: The rec.heraldry Frequently Asked Questions File ================================================ Although rec.heraldry isn't a very high-volume newsgroup, there are several questions often asked by those new to heraldry. This is an attempt to collect them, and their answers, in one posting which can be distributed regularly. You'll soon find that there's lots of nonsense written about heraldry. Always remember that the origins of heraldry are lost in antiquity, that many writers on heraldry have simply copied each other's mistakes, and that there is much disagreement among heralds. Remember, too, that a "rule" which applies in one place at one time may not travel well to another time or place. This FAQ file was initially written by Gordon Findlay ([email protected]). It is now maintained by Fran is Velde ( and posted monthly. A weekly posting called the rec.heraldry MFAQ answers the question: "My name is Smith, what are my arms?" It can be found at Table of Contents ================= 1: What is rec.heraldry? 2: What other newsgroups and mailing lists are there? 3: How can I find my coat of arms or my family's coat of arms? 4: What about those outfits in the malls that'll sell me my arms? 5: What is the difference between a coat of arms and a crest? 6: How do you blazon a coat of arms? 7: What's the SCA? How does it relate to rec.heraldry? 8: What do arms mean? 9: How inviolable is the rule of tincture? 10: Is the Court of Chivalry dead? 11: What heraldic software is available? 12: How do I unzip Blazons? 13: Is there a computerised Ordinary available to download? 14: Where can I find heraldic clip-art on the net? 15: What are some books I can turn to to learn more? 16: What tartan should I wear, and other tartan stuff. 17: Addresses of national heraldic and g
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