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Millennium I: Our Times

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Description: Brief essay about the millennium now and the coming millennium.
One revolution is past and one revolution is still to come. Revolutions are powerful instruments of change and they know not friend from foe. First they achieve the inward purification, then the outward transformation. The Americans purged themselves of the British and all Loyalists, then turned outward and conquered half a continent and reached across the seas towards Asia. The Spaniards purged themselves of the Moors, then turned outward and conquered the New World. The French purged themselves of all royalty, then turned outward and conquered Europe, sweeping away states and dynasties and all petrified institutions of the mediaeval world. The Germans and Italians fused their city states into modern nations, then tried to conquer other nations. The Japanese swept away their feudal lords, restored their Emperor, then turned outward to conquer Asia. The Russians purged their land of all things Tsarish, purified their communist system, then turned outward to establish it elsewhere. The Iranians purified themselves and built their theocracy, then exported their own brand of fundamentalism elsewhere.
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