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Denon DJ Prime 4

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Description: Denon has set its sights on redefining the standalone DJ system and that's exactly what the DJ Prime 4 delivers. It's been designed to to pack enough punch and power to deal with even the biggest stages and the most demanding venues, no matter what kind of performer you are, we're sure this piece of equipment can help you!
Announcement: Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller - Buy DJ Controller Online From Denon as Denon confirms the long-awaited Denon DJ Prime 4. Set to be the four-channel standalone DJ system of the year, the all-new Prime 4 From Denon will begin shipping in the UK as of March 11 2019.
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Page title:Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller - Buy DJ Controller Online From Denon
Description:Available at £1469, Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller is set to take the market by storm in March 2019. DJKIt has great finance options available on the Prime4.
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