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Joachim and Betty Mendes Antique Lace and Textiles

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Description: Dealers in antique lace and textiles. Also offers also offers antique fans and vintage clothing.
Joachim & Betty Mendes Antique Lace Fans Costume & Textiles Dealers in Antique Lace Fans Costume & Textiles Hove Sussex, Tel: + 44 (0)1273 203317 or 07813 014065 SEE PAGE 2 FOR AN OUTSTANDING AND MAGNIFICENT POINT DE SEDAN LACE ALB!
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Page title:Joachim & Betty Mendes Antique Lace Fans Costume & Textiles
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Description:Joachim and Betty Mendes Dealers in Antique Lace, Fans, Textiles, Costume, Shawls, Shoes, Linens, Baby Clothes, Oriental and Islamic Textiles, Decorative Antiques.