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The Soundbox

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Scan day: 01 February 2014 UTC
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Description: Gramophones and parts, phonographs, spares, accessories, wireless, valve audio, sewing machines, telephones, early domestic and commercial electrical items bought and sold.
The SoundBox - Specialist in Gramophones, Phonographs & Mechanical Antiques Ian Maxted, of The SoundBox (established in 1980), erstwhile casual purveyor of weird and wonderful retro technology, welcomes you to browse this modest sample of his extensive range of wind-up gramophones, phonographs, needle tins, novelty records, vintage wireless, valve audio, early microphones, nineteenth century sewing machines, early typewriters, telephones, and telegraphic items, early cine and Leica cameras, along with vintage autojumble items such as car mascots, P100 headlights, motoring artwork, Bugatti and Rolls-Royce ephemera and parts.
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Page title:The SoundBox - Specialist in Gramophones, Phonographs & Mechanical Antiques
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Description:The SoundBox specialise in sales and repairs of antique mechanical music and retro technology, ie phonographs, gramophones, polyphones, radios, high fidelity, valve audio, microphones, early sewing machines, stereo viewers, typewriters, telegraphs, telephones, cinematograph, vintage cars, & autojumble.