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Description: Provides student, teacher, and public programs and activities. Features mission statement, description of programs, staff profiles and contact details.
Teacherhostels, History programs, Archaeology programs - When Republicans Admired Lincoln Who Is an American? The Immigrant Experience in American History Editor's note: The recent Supreme Court decision about Arizona's controversial immigration control law has brought the issue of immigration back into the spotlight of American politics, and has done so in an election year. Before the Supreme Court's ruling, which upheld the law's most debated aspect but struck down several others, immigration issues simmered just outside of the spotlight thanks in part to President Obama's decision not to deport illegal aliens of a certain age who were brought into the country by their parents. This decision comes in a context of significantly more muscular enforcement of the law, which had put the Administration at least potentially on the wrong political side of Hispanic community activists. As we have noted, this is an election year.
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Page title:Teacherhostels, History programs, Archaeology programs -
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Description:The Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education, Inc. (IHARE) is committed to sharing the fascination of Archaeology, ancient civilizations, American and local history with students, teachers and people of all ages.