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Hope on the Balkans

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Description: Site on positive developments in former Yugoslavia.
dDH: Hope on the Balkans Archive; MAIN MENU 'Caught' in a frame of an other site? 'Hope on the Balkans' was a platform for peace, aid and human rights organisations in or working for the former Yugoslavia. Many organisations had their web site or info pages here. Hope on the Balkans also offered news, often from sources which never reached the mass media.
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Page title:dDH: Hope on the Balkans Archive; MAIN MENU
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Description:dDH's archive site on positive developments in former Yugoslavia. 'Good news', so often disregarded by the mass media. dDH's site over positieve ontwikkelingen in voormalig Joegoslavie. Goed nieuws, wat zo vaak genegeerd wordt in de massamedia.