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The Railroad Paint Shop

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Description: Source for line drawings of railroad locomotives, rolling stock, and line side structures to download, custom paint, and shareware. The Railroad Paint Shop Site Last Updated: Thursday, August 1, 2002 This site is a proud recipient of the following awards: Your Source for Prototype Drawings to Color Welcome to the Railroad Paint Shop, at This page is designed to be a site where drawings of railroad locomotives, rolling stock, and lineside structures will be available for download for those of you who would like to design custom paint schemes for your own model railroads, or see "what might have been" if your favorite fallen flag had made it into the modern era. These drawings are not necessarily completely to scale. While many do have scales noted, keep in mind that due to the limitations of computer graphics and the fixed width of lines and spaces, that even those marked as scale drawings are not completely exact. The drawings are not intended for modeling purposes, but are provided for use as painting blanks only. Contributions are welcome. If you'd like to contribute new blank drawings to the site, stop by
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Description:Your source for line drawings of locomotives and railroad cars to download and custom paint!


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