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Description: Electronic toll collection system used around Sydney, Australia, including on the M7. Includes e-TAG and e-PASS transponder information.
Announcement: Roam e-TAG and Roam e-PASS for electronic tolling You're already covered, all tags work on all toll roads Contact us before or within 48 hours of your first trip for Need to pay Westlink M7 Toll Notice?
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Page title:Roam e-TAG and Roam e-PASS for electronic tolling
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Description:Roam Tolling offers e tag, e-tag, electronic tag and e-pass, epass, pass toll payment options for electronic tolling on toll roads in Sydney, NSW, as well as all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia. Roam is owned by Transurban Group. Roam is the preferred choice for Westlink M7 and M2 Hills Motorway.