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Amateur Radio DXpeditions

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Description: Description of expeditions to remote areas with photos and logs.
Announcement:    Amateur radio expeditions, commonly known as DXpeditions, are associated by all amateurs with the signs OH2BH, ZL1AMO, OH1RY, SM0AGD, VK9NS, JA1BK, let me name those better known. One of the pioneers of DX expeditions were famous: Robert Leo W7LR, Gus Browning W4BPD and Danny Weil VP2VB. Then for years we were excited by expeditions by Iris and Lloyd Colvin - W6QL and W6KG. For me these people have always been idols, as they have given a lot of emotions and happiness to the whole ham society, enabling us all to make long-distance communication with the white spots on the map.
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Page title:Amateur Radio Dxpeditions
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Description:DXpeditions - Amateur Radio expeditions
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