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Description: Founded over 20 years ago TOTAL K9 ® is providing dog training services for pets, protection dogs and even police security dogs in UK. Now with a stunning experience the team at TOTAL K9 ® is there to assure your dog is a well-educated pet or is highly trained for all sorts of mission, whether they are for security, protection or special missions. The dogs that go through the training process will be qualified for various jobs and will be apt to cope with all sorts of complicated situations or they will be well trained to be part of a family. Combine the love for dogs with practicality and get a personal protection dog from TOTAL K9 ® to have a loyal friend always by your side that will also keep you safe from anything and anyone trying to do you harm.
Protection Dogs for Sale & Dog Training | TOTAL K9 ® Personal Protection Dogs and Dog Training TOTAL K9 ® is set in 80 acres of stunning Above everything else, first and foremost, all of our team are big dog lovers, and extremely passionate about what we do.
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Phone&Fax: 01377 267372
Address: Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE


Page title:Protection Dogs for Sale & Dog Training | TOTAL K9 ®
Description:TOTAL K9 ® - Trained personal protection dogs for sale for you and your family, working dog behavior and obedience training courses. Suppliers of prison dogs, police dogs, fully trained adult dogs.


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