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New Hampshire Feline Fanciers

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Description: Not-for-profit CFA-affiliated club provides educational programs and sponsors shows to promote interest and knowledge of cats. Includes show schedules and events, a membership application and resources.
Announcement: New Hampshire Feline Fanciers -- A CFA-affiliated Club New Hampshire Feline Fanciers Inc.
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Page title:New Hampshire Feline Fanciers -- A CFA-affiliated Club
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Description:New Hampshire Feline Fanciers (NHFF) is a not-for-profit CFA club holding New Hampshire shows in January and July. Information on the club's objectives, shows, membership, member websites, and links to feline resources, including organizations we donate to: shelters for the care of homeless and abandoned cats, early spay-neuter programs for cats inappropriate to breeding, and tax exempt organizations to promote the research of feline diseases.