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  • Hot Tub Repair Edmonton - GoTech
  • The GoTech Appliance Repair company makes repair of a Hot Tub, offering a wide range of services at low prices in Edmonton. Our staff includes plumbers with at least 5 years of experience, as well as modern equipment for solving the following tasks: • diagnostics of hot tubs to identify the causes of breakage and choose effective ways to eliminate them. • restoration of enamel using liquid acrylic. • replacement of strapping (pipes and shut-off valves); • cleaning and replacement of components (injectors, pumps, etc.). Our employees perform their work responsibly, checking the operability of every part-from the on-board mixers to the pneumatic valves of the switch-on. Most problems require professional solutions, so don't try to fix them yourself. Even with the appearance of small scratches and chips, it is better to order a local repair of the bath, during which the damaged area is sanded, plastered with a two-component epoxy compound, and then covered with liquid enamel. Trying to sand the sides yourself, you will aggravate the situation, damage the coating, which will require expensive restoration. Call the "Hot Tub Repair Edmonton" and call specialists to save time and money!
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