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The Vegetarian Wheat Meat

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Description: Article describes this high-protein meat substitute, identifies commercial mixes and ready-made products, and tells how to make it from scratch. Also includes recipes for seitan-based stew, barbecues, strogonaff, and stir-fry.
Vegetarian Journal Mar/Apr 96 Seitan--The Vegetarian Wheat Meat -- The Vegetarian Resource Group Seitan--The Vegetarian Wheat Meat I get blank stares when I ask my vegetarian cooking students if they've ever eaten seitan (say-tahn). Yet, hands go up when I ask if anybody has ever eaten mock chicken, beef, or pork in a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. The name is foreign but you may be more familiar with the product than you think.
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Page title:Vegetarian Journal Mar/Apr 96 Seitan--The Vegetarian Wheat Meat -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
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