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Coalition for Research in Women’s Health (CRWH)

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Description: Interdisciplinary collaboration among women's health researchers. Directory, calendar of events, member profiles, awards, scholarships, student resources, mailing list, e-bulletin, newsletter, summer programs, knowledge exchange and job listings.
The Coalition for Research in Women's Health Stress isn't just a problem for individuals, says Coalition member Dr. Flora Matheson. As a researcher at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St. Michael's Hospital, her work looks at how the stress a neighbourhood faces shapes the health of its residents. What stresses a neighbour-hood? Poverty, crowding, or a lack of housing or social services may all contribute; one aspect of Dr. Matheson's work is to identify a useful and consistent group of neighbour-hood stress indicators.
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Page title:The Coalition for Research in Women's Health
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Description:The Coalition for Research in Women's Health is a network supporting communication and collaboration among women's health researchers and fostering women's health scholarship.