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Michigan Society for Infection Control (MSIC)

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Description: Promotes, establishes, and enhances the highest quality standards to reduce the potential for and the risk of infectious and non-infectious outcomes. History, membership information, and publications.
MSIC–Michigan Society for Infection Control TB - Michigan/MIOSHA policy - N95 Annual fit-testing starts in new fiscal year: The Fiscal year started October 1, 2008 without a signed FY08 budget, but President Bush did sign the appropriations bill (HR 2764) funding the government on Dec 26, 2007. The budget no longer contains language restricting the use of federal dollars for annual fit testing enforcement. Due to prior uncertainty, MSIC had urged members last October to begin the change to annual fit-testing for TB immediately by updating policies and implementation plans for annual fit-testing. MIOSHA has the authority to enforce the rule. See Advocacy for MIOSHA's TB Directive.
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