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Cancer as a Turning Point

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Description: Lawrence LeShan, PhD and staff offer cancer support retreats and individual marathon therapy sessions, in NYC, NC and CT.
Cancer As A Turning Point, Home Page “Do not worry about what the world wants of you. Worry about what makes you come alive because what the world needs is people who are more alive.” Mind-Body Psychotherapy and Counseling
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Page title:Cancer As A Turning Point, Home Page
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Description:'Cancer as a Turning Point' offers holistic, integrative psychotherapy and counseling for cancer patients, survivors, and family caregivers, based on the psychotherapy approach developed by psychologist Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D. as described in his book Cancer as a Turning Point. As adjunct to medical treatment, this psychotherapy is a form of complementary medicine. Services include office or telephone sessions, residential workshop retreats, and brief (one-week) intensive therapy.