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University of Tennessee College of Medicine - Chattanooga Unit

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Scan day: 06 February 2014 UTC
Virus safety - good
Description: Accredited residency and continuing medical education programs sponsored by the University of Tennessee and located in Chattanooga (key affiliated hospital is Erlanger).
University of Tennessee: College of Medicine Chattanooga   Delayed Opening, Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 10 AM Eastern Time Since the weather and roads are expected to improve, similar to UTC, the administrative offices of the UT College of Medicine Chattanooga will delay opening on Thursday morning, January 30, 2014, until 10 AM EasternTime. Medical Students will report to their departments at 10 AM. Please use caution during travel to campus. Use your own discretion regarding conditions where you live. If you believe road conditions are unsafe where you live and you cannot make it to campus, contact your supervisor (faculty, resident, etc.). The Dean permits each Chair to make a decision regarding his/her specific UT        administrative staff, so department UT staff should check with their respective Chairs regarding tomorrow.   This does not effect Erlanger employees - we cannot make that call.   Also, this does not effect residents, fellows, and faculty. Continuity of patient care must be ensured, so department chairs and program directors should work with their respective residents, fellows, and faculty to determine when they must report and how patients will be covered.
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