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The Shovelboard Family: History and Useful Information

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Description: Information on the different variations, rules, links, and where to buy.
Sjoelbak, Shuffleboard - Online Guide The Online Guide to Traditional Games The Shovelboard family - History and Useful Information The original English ancestor of most of the games involving shoving discs of some sort on a table was called Shove-board and later Shovel-board.  Popular in Tudor times, Shovelboard was played by the English upper classes on enormous narrow tables as long as 30 feet (9 metres). Players shoved metal weights down the tables, attempting to get them as near to the other end of the table without falling off.  Presumably, the game is a formalised version of a pastime played on the long dining tables of the upper classes after dinner.  One of the earliest references is from the Royal Privy Expenses of 1532 which show that Henry VIII lost
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