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Quoits: History and Useful Information

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Description: Detailed history of the game, pubs where it is played, rules, and where to buy.
The Online Guide to Traditional Games Quoits - History and Useful Information Quoits is related to another early pub game, the throwing of horseshoes at a pin in the ground.  Some theories have it that Quoits developed from Horseshoe pitching as a formalised version of the sport.  Horseshoe pitching is still played today, and is particularly popular in certain regions of the USA, the rules being similar to those of the Northern Quoits game outlined below.   The theory espoused by the National Quoits Association is just the opposite.  A quoit in ancient times was synonymous with a discus, and so he thinks that Quoits and discus are one and the same thing and that Quoits was therefore one of the sports played at the first Greek Olympiad.  He also suggests that the Greeks passed on Quoits, a weapon of war, to the Romans who also brought the game to Britain and that the origins may go back even further to the Minoan empire c.2000B.C. where the boy king of Knossos apparently used the discus/quoit to cull escaping slaves.  Horseshoe pitching in this case came about as a poor-man's version of Quoits using left-over horseshoes instead of the real thing. 
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