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Description: Publisher of downloadable and print roleplaying and tabletop games and accessories. Includes discussion board, publisher's blog and online catalog.
Precis Intermedia :: Dice, Diceless, Narrative, Roleplaying and Miniatures Gaming Welcome to Precis Intermedia :: No Hype, Just Good Games! That's pronounced "prey-see" • (formerly Politically Incorrect Games and Spectre Press)
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Page title:Precis Intermedia :: Dice, Diceless, Narrative, Roleplaying and Miniatures Gaming
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Description:Precis Intermedia ( Home of Shatterzone, MasterBook, Warcosm, Bloodshadows, Ancient Odysseys, genreDiversion, Story Engine, Active Exploits Diceless Roleplaying, Disposable Heroes Paper Minis, Two-Fisted Tales RPG, and more.


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