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God Wars II

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Description: Players take on the role of supernatural beings in a dark fantasy setting. Site features detailed game information and a discussion forum.
God Wars II - Welcome to God Wars II This is a tale of the earliest days, when creatures of myth and legend walked the earth, when the Supernaturalis ruled as gods, The two multiverses divided in an opposition of Chaos and Order, and at their centre was born the World Serpent that is the Nexus. The battlegrounds of a neverending struggle for domination among those that would become gods in the next era... the
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Page title:God Wars II - Welcome to God Wars II
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Description:A free online multiplayer game (MUD) set in a fictional dark fantasy universe. Players take on the role of the Supernaturalis - supernatural beings of godlike power - in their eternal struggle for domination. The game encourages strategy and tactics over mindless combat.