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Abduction Card Game

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Description: Review with variants by Steffan O'Sullivan.
Announcement: This review copyright 1999 by Steffan O'Sullivan This page last updated May 31, 1999 is a light little card game, complete in one box for 2-4 players, or you can buy two boxes and play with up to eight players. The game comes with 72 cards, including eight rules cards and two cards of cut-out, stand-up figures as playing pieces. You'll need to provide a six-sided die to play. Each card is illustrated, but only in green and white, which is oddly appropriate. There are three types of cards included: Event cards (good things to help yourself or bad things to hinder your opponents), Item cards (good things to help yourself, but if you fail your search roll, your opponents might get them), and Location cards (the map, built up during the game - many of the locations have interesting powers).
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