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Description: Develops vocal lie-detectors, emotion-detectors and love-detectors for various uses such as security, fraud-prevention, border check points, customs points, banks, insurance companies and private uses.
Nemesysco Ltd. - Voice Analysis for Security & Commercial use <body> <center><h2><bold>What can VOICE ANALYSIS do for you?</bold></h2></center> <p>Nemesysco develops computerized voice investigation focuse tools, often called Voice <b>Lie Detectors</b> analysis systems based on Amir Liberman Layered Voice Analysis technology that automatically enable real-time emotion detection and emotion analysis of voice segments. Amir Liberman, the creator of Truster and TrusterPro voice analyzers presents the new technology in the first emotion detector and Vocal love detector, eX-Sense - a semi professional voice lie-detector for businesses, LVA 6.50 - The latest version of LVA Technology invetigation focus tool for Security Voice Analysis technologies in LVA 6.50 the professional investigation focus tool, GK1 - for voice access control (security check points), RA7 - voice based fraud prevention system for insurance companies and banks, QA5 voice Emotion Detection for Call Centers. A product for investigators, law enforcement agents, private users and executives - Get reliable truth verification (Nemesysco is some times referred to as Nemsysco or Newesysco).</p> <p>Nemesysco, Amir Liberman Voice Analysis, Technology, Liberman's Emotion, Amir Love detector, Investigation, Amir Liberman's LVA, Security, CRM, Call center, Phone, GK1, Tipi, Tipi 6.40, eX-Sense, SENSE, Truster, TrusterPro, Truster Pro, Handy Truster, Investigator, Detective, Lie Detector, Voice Analysis, CVSA, PSE, truth, deception, computerized, Amir Liberman, Fraud, Prevention, QA5, RA5, RA7, Big Brother, Exposed Emotions analysis</p> <p>Nemesysco Ltd. was founded at the year 2000 to further develop the <b>Voice Analysis</b> technology and to create solution applications using our core technology. Nemesysco is focused on 4 fields of operation: Security products, Call center and Fraud Prevention, Psychological evaluators (Medical) & Entertai
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Page title:Nemesysco Ltd. - Voice Analysis for Security & Commercial use
Keywords:Voice analysis,Amir Liberman, Lie Detector, Nemesysco, Security, Voice, Analysis, commercial voice analysis, voice analysis technology, Emotion detection, Love detector, Call Center, Tipi 6.40, ex-sense, Truster, TrusterPro, Truster Pro, Handy Truster, voice stress analysis, CVSA, PSE, truth, deception, computerized veracity test, fraud, prevention, QA5, RA7, Nemsysco, Newesysco
Description:Nemesysco develops Voice Analysis technology, software and systems to enable real time diagnosis of emotions in the human Voice. Amir Liberman, the creator of the first functioning Voice analyzers presents the new generation of voice technology in LVA 6.50 - The latest version of Layered Voice Analysis Technology for Security use, RA7 Voice based Fraud Prevention Solutions for Insurance companies and Banks, QA5 for call center quality assurance using voice analysis. Law enforcement agents, private users and executives - Get reliable voice based truth Verification


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