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Robotics Society of Southern California

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Description: Based in Fullerton, California, United States. RSSC holds monthly meetings and occasional competitions. Site includes mailing list.
Announcement: Welcome to RSSC | Robotics Society of Southern California formed in 1989 around the time when many computer clubs where being formed. The need for robotics specific club was met by forming one of the first robotics clubs in the world. We meet once a month on the second Saturday of the month at California State University Long Beach in the ECS building, room 302. Parking is free on the street. Our meetings start at 10 AM with classes, special interest groups on subjects such as AI, motor control to a short business meeting followed by a short break then a competition plus a show and tell of the various projects our members are working on and it ends around 3pm.  See Announcements on the right of this page for the latest topics.  Our society is FREE to join for anyone interested in robotics and other exponential technologies such as 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence and for any age group! Come and learn! We have presenters from student projects, Battlbot builders to Mars rover drivers and leaders from the robotics community.
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