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Description: Provides web development advice and examples of JavaScripts, common ActiveX Data Object interfacing, a VB Class Generator and even a singing Tuna.
ise Tuna knows about Web Development with COM, ASP, ADO, VB & JavaScript. Stay a while and bathe in the wisdom of Wise Tuna. At Wise Tuna, we want to share our knowledge to make the life of you hard working web developers easier and more productive. To achieve this aim you will find various items of free source code, programs and advice. Please also take part in our online poll on the right. It's a good public indicator as to what you think of our site.
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Page title:WiseTuna Home Page
Keywords:ASP, ADO, COM, IIS, VB, JavaScript, Class, ClassArchitect, Class Architect, CommonADO, Common ADO, Visual Basic, tuna, wisetuna, tune a fish, tunafish
Description:WiseTuna, the home of Class Architect, a tool that generates Visual Basic COM classes automatically with complete ActiveX Data Object(ADO) interfaces. Come and see what we have to offer. It's all totally free.