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Automatic Totalisator, The

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Description: Relating to the invention of the world's first automatic totalisator in 1913. A multi user system in 1913 with 30 terminals.
Computer History, and Mechanical Engineering about the electro mechanical system above. Computer History, the Automatic Totalisator This is an introductory page to several, non-commercial pages on antiquated totes. Although these pages specifically relate to the invention of the world's first automatic totalisator in 1913 and its subsequent development, they are an example of "mechanical computing". There are many analogies which make these early totalisators appeal to computer history enthusiasts. The metrics used such as sales per minute and number of terminals. These systems also had distributed points of sale and a central processing facility connected in a fashion that is reminiscent of data networks. There were input devices, the ticket issuing machines and output devices, total counters and odds indicators. An electro mechanical device called a scanner seems to me to be the mechanical counterpart of a serial line multiplexer. There was a mechanical device for adjusting the amount of commission deducted from the pool. Additionally there is information on some old electronic totalisator systems. It would appear that this belongs in the realm of computer history!
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Page title:Computer History, and Mechanical Engineering
Keywords:computer history, technology, mechanical, engineering
Description:Several pages for those interested in computer history, rich in photographs of old mechanical and electro mechanical tote systems