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Description: Movieprop considers Yahoo's beginnings and its transformation from directory to portal.
Announcement: MOVIEPROP.COM'S Yahoo Pages also see Yahoo's Submission Troubles Yahoo's roots go back to the very roots of the Internet itself. In the early days Yahoo was just a word, just a name. Yahoo is an abbrievation in fact for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. The acronym represents the fact that Yahoo seeks to be a directory or hierarchy that serves as an oracle or knowledge giver to the modern day office dweller who is officious. The source of the silly exclamation point at the end of Yahoo! is anyone's guess. Yahoo was originally started by just two men; David Filo, and Jerry Yang while attending Stanford University. Originally it was just basically a project to keep favorite bookmarks catalogued as at the time in 94 or so as the only means to find things on the internet was spider based engines such as altavista. As Yahoo grew, the strains on a university's resources became more and more extreme. Yahoo basically moved in and set up shop in Netscape facilities in 1995. In the days before browser wars Netscape was a very large portal in its own right. and had vast technical resources.
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