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AI and Cog Sci papers from Indiana Univ

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Description: Archive of artificial intelligence and cognitive science papers from Indiana university, primarily from the case-based reasoning group.
Announcement: AI/Cognitive Science paper archive - David Leake, Indiana University Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Science Report and Reprint Archive Full papers are in compressed postscript unless otherwise specified. Abstracts are in plain text or html. A plain text
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Total pages in the index, 72500
Page title:AI/Cognitive Science paper archive - David Leake, Indiana University
Keywords:case-based reasoning, CBR, goal-driven learning, machine learning, explanation, artificial intelligence, metareasoning, introspective learning, metacognition, indexing, case retrieval, case-base maintenance, case adaptation, memory, multistrategy learning, similarity, cognitive modeling, cognitive science, abductive explanation, abductive reasoning, abduction, analogy, creativity, expert systems, failure-driven learning, expectation failures, model-based reasoning, creativity, knowledge planning, knowledge goals, bibliography, archive, David Leake, David B. Leake, Leake, Leak, Leakey, expert systems, knowledge-based systems, knowledge management, intelligence artificielle, sciences cognitives, raisonnement a partir de cas, kunstliche intelligenz, wissensbasierte systeme, expertensysteme, ROBBIE, SWALE, DRAMA, ACCEPTER, CALVIN, stamping advisor, Phala, Web, experience
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