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TTS. Textile Testing Services

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Description: Canada. Independent, commercial analysis and testing services center for the textile and apparel industries, based in the University of Manitoba's Human Ecology Faculty.
Announcement: Textile Testing Services - University of Manitoba This message is to announce the closing of the Textile Testing Service in the Dept. of Textile Sciences. The TTS has operated for many years as a fee for service business in the teaching and research lab space of the Dept. of Textile Sciences. For the last decade, the domestic market for textile testing has been declining as textile production facilities in Canada have continued to move to offshore countries. This has meant steadily declining sales and a continually shrinking client base for the TTS. As of January 7, 2008, the TTS ceased operations as it was no longer a viable business operation. The existing employee has since taken a fulltime position in industry and we wish him all the best.
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Description:The TEXTILE TESTING SERVICE provides an impartial, independent centre for the analysis of textile problems associated with the manufacture and use of textile and apparel products.
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