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Bart and Associates Inc.

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Description: Distributes a variety of products for process and general industries. Includes replacement filters, heat exchangers, compressed air products, evaporation and oil/water separators, and chillers and cooling equipment.
Announcement: Chiller Systems, Heat Exchangers, Oil Water Separators, Evaporators, Compressor Filters, Synthetic Oils Bart & Associates has been supplying high quality industrial equipment and supplies since 1983. We specialize in engineered equipment systems that offer a complete turn-key packaged approach, which greatly reduces installation costs and the problems associated with trying to make a variety of components from multiple vendors work together seamlessly in a system. Let our engineering and technical expertise work for you - in building industrial, process, and environmental equipment systems and selecting the proper supplies needed for your everyday industrial applications. The products listed to the left are items that we supply on a daily basis to customers throughout the World.
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Page title:Chiller Systems, Heat Exchangers, Oil Water Separators, Evaporators, Compressor Filters, Synthetic Oils
Keywords:Packaged Chiller Systems, Packaged Cooling Systems, Compressed Air & Gas Dryers, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers & Replacement Tube Bundles, Oil Water Separator Systems, Waste Water Evaporators, Air Compressor Filters, Industrial Filter Elements, Desiccant Breathers, Descalers & Degreasers, Air Compressor Oils, Food Grade Oils, Blower Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils, Chain Oils, synthetic oil, industrial equipment, compressor oil, synthetic lubricants, lubricant, blower, gear oil, vacuum pump, chain oil, Descalers, high temperature, Cooling Systems, dissolving lime, machinery, heat exchangers, biodegradable, food grade oil,chiller, water chiller, chillers, heat exchanger, tube bundle, oil water separator, evaporator, filter, compressor oil, separator, descaler, synthetic oil, lubricant, oil cooler, waste water
Description:Industrial process chillers, heat exchangers, oil water separators, waste water evaporators, compressor oils & filters & separators, synthetic lubricants, descaler, filter elements...
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