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People's Food Co-op

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Description: Ann Arbor, Michigan. Natural foods store and cafe. Includes menus, membership information, outreach projects, and policies.
People's Food Coop (Ann Arbor, MI) People’s Food Co-op. Community-Owned Natural Foods Grocery 4/$5, 14.5 oz. selected varieties 2/$3, 5.5 oz., selected varieties to find out what good food we're serving up today!
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Phone&Fax: 734.994.9174


Page title:People's Food Coop (Ann Arbor, MI)
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Description:216 N. 4th Ave/ Ann Arbor, MI 48104/( 734)994-9174/ A natural foods cooperative offering local, fair trade and organic foods and other healthy products. Membership not required to shop...


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