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  • Crane Service Edmonton
  • Here you can rent crane with different lifting capacity and cross-country ability. For long-term rentals, there is a flexible system of discounts. There is a large selection of Crane equipment. All equipment passes maintenance in a timely manner and has all the permits. If you find it difficult to choose and do not know which crane is necessary to perform your tasks, our managers will help you quickly select the necessary equipment, saving you time and money. Call us and we will make the best offer! When ordering after 18.00, there is a 10% DISCOUNT% Our advantages: ✔️ prompt delivery of special equipment to the object. ✔️ we work with individuals, sole proprietors, LLC (full package of documents); ✔️ cash and non-cash payment, ✔️ all cranes are in good external and technical condition. ✔️ we work without intermediaries. ✔️ for large volumes, we provide good discounts and bonuses ✔️ all vehicles have access passes to the center. ✔️ we work 24/7. ✔️ there is a service of departure of a specialist to the object. ✔️ the company has certified slingers on its staff