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Description: Specialized exporter of activated carbon and anthracite filtering materials in China. Product introduction, contact information.
Epochemmie is an experienced and responsible worldwide supplier,which is focus on high quality activated carbon and other filter media and adsorbents. These filter medias are included Activated Carbon, Anthracite filter media,Cation resins & Anion resins, Molecular sieve and Activated alumina.
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Page title:Responsible supplier for Activated Carbon and Other Filter Media from China
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Description:Epochemmie is an experienced and responsible worldwide supplier,which is focus on high quality activated carbon and other filter media and adsorbents.These filter medias are included Activated Carbon,Anthracite filter media,Cation resins,Anion resins, Molecular sieve and Activated alumina. With more than 20years experiecen, Epochemmie can supply more than 30 types(included over 60 grades) activated carbon of special designed production technology with distinguised features for any applications areas,including Air Treatment,Water Treatment,Food and Beverage Areas, Gold Recovery, Industrial As Catalyst Carrier.Epochemmie’s Distinguished activated carbon types are included: EP-PM-H , EP-PM-S, EP-H2S(series), EP-DSN(series), EP-HC(series), EP-CP(series), EP-WP(series), EP-AU(series), EP-BG-AW-LI(series), EP-BG-WW


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