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Chemgrit SA (PTY) Ltd.

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Description: South African based chemical distribution and trading company. Distributes chemical raw materials to the plastics, rubber, coatings, abrasives, refractories and associated industries.
Welcome to Chemgrit SA (Pty) Ltd  will not compromise on Service, Quality, Reliability and Flexibility. We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers. We will capitalize on the inflexibility and lack of service offered by larger companies and rise to the challenge of going the extra mile to provide exceptional service. Chemgrit realizes that people are the key to our success, i.e., our customers, suppliers and personnel are our future. 
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Page title:Welcome to Chemgrit SA (Pty) Ltd
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Description:Chemgrit SA (PTY) Ltd is a South African based chemical distribution and trading company focusing on distributing Raw materials.