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The Kiriyama Prize

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Description: International prize awarded each year by Pacific Rim Voices, for fiction and nonfiction books that contribute to understanding and cooperation among the peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim and South Asia. Winners, reviews, author biographies, articles, and rules.
was established in 1996 to recognize outstanding books about the Pacific Rim and South Asia that encourage greater mutual understanding of and empathy among the peoples and nations of this vast and culturally diverse region. Over the following years, and until it closed in 2008, the Prize recognized and highlighted a multitude of books about the region. In the archive presented here you will be able to peruse winners, finalists and notable books that were chosen by panels of judges in the course of the 12 years of Prize's existence. Our gratitude goes to all who participated in the Prize and who appreciated the books and authors it celebrated.
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Page title:The Kiriyama Prize
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Description:Website of the Kiriyama Prize, an international book prize worth US$30,000, awarded each year to one fiction and one nonfiction book that will contribute to a greater understanding of and among the peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim and South Asia.