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Description: H-Net discussion list dedicated to providing a closed, moderated forum for free exchange of thoughts. Includes archives, reviews, job postings, and links.
Announcement: As part of the Humanities Online initiative(H-Net), H-Grad provides graduate students a safe, student-only forum for discussing issues related to graduate school in humanities-based professions. H-Grad is open to graduate students around the world and operates under the banner of the H-Net family of online discussion groups. The mission of the H-Grad e-mail list is to provide a discussion forum for the open and frank exchange of ideas on issues that affect graduate students, such as teaching, time management, research concerns, computer programs, choosing an advisor, and job-seeking. List subscriptions are limited to currently active graduate students, so that they may speak freely among themselves. The list is moderated to screen out junk mail, flames, and other undesirable materials. This web site is meant to support and enhance the services offered by the H-Grad email list.
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