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Basic Maltese Grammar

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Description: Learn the basics of Maltese including alphabet and numbers. For older students.
Announcement: LETTER APPROXIMATE PRONUNCIATION SYMBOL EXAMPLES ------ ------------------------- ------ -------- A short, like 'u' in 'shut' a raba long, like 'a' in 'far' a: sala B like Eng. b b blu C like ch in 'church' ch coff D like Eng. d d demm E short, as e in 'shed' e dell long, as ai in 'hair' e: gelu F like Eng. f f frott G like j in 'join' j gbejna G like g in 'great' g gardell H silent within a word; fehem pronounced like h in hen when at the end of a word h fih H like h in 'house' h hamsa I short, as i in 'fit' i fitt long, as ee in 'jeep' i: ilu J like y in 'yes' y jannar K like k in 'kit' k kelma L like l in 'life' l landa M as in Eng. m mans N as in Eng. n nisel O short, like o in got o bott long, like aw in law o: sod GH mostly silent (*) boghod P as in Eng. p patata Q glottal plosive sound ' dqiq produced by the closure of the vocal chords followed by their sudden separation R trilled like Scottish r r marsus S like s in 'sea' s sinjur T like t in French 'tante' t tfajla U short, like u in 'full' u pulptu long, like oo in 'fool' u: hut V as in Eng. v iva W like w in 'war' w werwer X like sh in 'sheep' sh xadina Z voiced, like z in 'fuzz' z zunzan Z unvoiced, like ts in 'hats' ts pinzell (*) 'GH' is regarded as a single letter in Maltese. When it precedes or follows any one of the vowels 'a', 'e', 'o' it prolongs the sound of the vowel. In my phonetic transcription this is shown by : after the vowel concerned. When 'GH' is followed by the vowel 'i' it takes the sound of 'ay' in the English word 'bay'. When 'GH' is followed by the vowel 'u' it takes the sound of 'ou' in the English word 'soul'. When 'GH' is the final letter in a word, it is pronounced as
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